Manning Services

Office of the Federal Detainee Trustee (2005-2016)

Facility Review Management System (FRMS)




eDesignate is a secure, web-based enterprise system that streamlines and automates the Federal prisoner sentence-to-designation process. The system is currently being implemented in support of the U.S. Courts, U.S. Marshals Service and the Bureau of Prisons for use in the designation process. eDesignate replaces the manual, time-consuming and resource intensive paper-based process. The eDesignate system replaces the current paper-based process with a faster, more efficient alternative; it significantly reduces workload and lowers administrative costs, ultimately conserving judicial and agency resources.

Currently the Application is deployed to all of the 94 Districts. Since its conception in 2005, the Application and associated business processes have saved the Government millions per year. The system was designed, built, and tested by MSI.

Electronic Interagency Governmental Agreement (eIGA)

eIGA is an electronic Web based system that allows various jails (city, county ,state) to apply for a contract with OFDT to house detainees while they are pending final disposition (trial, release or designation). The application allows the facility to fill out an on-line application that captures the associated costs, conditions and certifications of the institution. Based on this data, the actual per-diem rates and number of available bed-spaces are computed by OFDT. Associated agencies (BOP,ICE and USMS) participate in the approval process for these IGAs. Once approved, the agency may “share” the bed space at the facility. Currently, several hundred jails have applied for Application through this process. In addition to expediting the application process, there is an audit trail for both the application and approval process. Consolidating the contracts in one area reduces the amount of redundant contracts with the same facility. MSI designed, built, tested and maintains this system. The system is comprised of a .Net interface that is exposed to the local Facility to fill out their application while the Federal approval process implements a customized version of Metastorm BPM. MSI maintains several other OFDT systems, such as FRMS and DSNetwork.